Athletics Results 2020/21 season

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our season was cut short. State Track and Field and the entire Cross Country season were cancelled. We would still love to congratulate our wonderful athletes for their efforts during the season!

State Representatives:

State Track and Field Championships

Declan Cutter U9B: 70m 10th

Aviveer Singh Bal U10B – 200m 18th, 400m 13th

Samantha Waddell U10G – 200m 14th, High Jump 5th, Long Jump 7th

Lorelei Corrales U10G – 100m 18th, 800m 10th, 1100m Walk 8th

Mietta Morgan U12G – 1500m Walk 4th

Anna Phelan U12G – High Jump 3rd

Alyssa Chapman U13G – 400m 7th, High Jump 13th, Long Jump 8th

Liam Hutchins U14B – 1500m Walk 2nd

Kyla Chapman U16G – 400m 4th, 800m 1st, 300m Hurdles 7th, 1500m Walk 2nd

Elise Keeghan U16G – Discus 1st, Javelin 1st, Shot Put 2nd

Maya Arendt U16G – 100m 13th, 90m Hurdles 7th, Long Jump 12th

Eden Morgan U16B – 800m 13th, 1500m 10th, 1500m Walk 4th

State Relays:

U9B – Declan Cutter, Tate Cutter

U10G – Lorelei Corrales (3rd,8th), Siena Chapman, Matilda Jones

U10B – Aviveer Singh Bal (8th)

U13G – Alyssa Chapman (2nd,7th)

U16G – Kyla Chapman (4th, 4th), Maya Arendt (4th), Elise Keeghan

State Combined Event:

U10G – Samantha Waddell 10th, Lorelei Corrales 25th, Siena Chapman 55th

U12G – Anna Phelan 33rd

U13G – Alyssa Chapman 10th

U16G – Kyla Chapman 6th, Maya Arendt 9th

Region Track and Field

One of our biggest squads in recent years tackled the Region Track and Field Championships. Well done to all the following athletes:

Tate Cutter U9B: High Jump 7th, 100 2nd

Declan Cutter U9B: 100 3rd, 70 2nd

Samantha Waddell U10G: High Jump 1st, Long Jump 1st, 200 2nd, 400 4th

Lorelei Corrales U10G: High Jump 5th, 100 3rd, 800 5th, 1100m Walk 2nd

Siena Chapman U10G: Discus 9th

Aviveer Singh Bal U10B: 100 5th, 200 3rd, 400 3rd,  

Anna Phelan U12G: High Jump 3rd, 

Mietta Morgan U12G: 1500m Walk 1st

Alyssa Chapman U13G: High Jump 2nd, Long Jump 1st, 400 3rd, 800 5th

Liam Hutchins U14B: 1500 3rd, 1500m Walk 1st

Kyla Chapman U16G: 800 1st Club record, 300m Hurdles 2nd Club record, 400 2nd, 1500m Walk 1st

Elise Keeghan U16G: Shot Put 1st Club record, Discus 1st Club record

Maya Arendt U16G: 90m Hurdles 1st, Long Jump 3rd, 100 3rd, Triple Jump 5th 

Eden Morgan U16B: 1500 2nd, 800 1st, 1500m Walk 1st

Sorry if we missed any of our athletes. We are so proud of their efforts!

Knox Results 

Knox Combined Event:

U6B – Musa Santos 6th

U6G – Anouk Morgan

U7B – Logan Allison 2nd

U7G – Alira Cutter 2nd, Gabriela Corrales 3rd

U8B – Caleb Jones 4th, Abdurahman Santos 12th

U8G – Charis Freyer 5th, Jade Harvey 7th

U9B – Declan Cutter 2nd, Tate Cutter 3rd, Gabriel Pickard DNF

U9G – Qianna Yu 11th

U10B – Aviveer Singh Bal 2nd, Samuel Freyer 12th

U10G – Lorelei Corrales 1st, Siena Chapman 5th, Matilda Jones 6th

U12G – Anna Phelan 2nd, Mietta Morgan 13th

U13G – Alyssa Chapman 2nd

U14B – Liam Hutchins 3rd

U16B – Eden Morgan 1st (Alberta and IAAF)

U16G – Elise Keeghan 1st (Club record), Kyla Chapman 2nd (Alberta)

             Kyla Chapman 1st, Elise Keeghan 2nd (IAAF)

Knox Awards:

Bolters – Best Overall Club and Best Overall Boys Club

U10B – Aviveer Singh Bal Best Athlete

U10G – Lorelei Corrales Best Athlete

U13G – Alyssa Chapman Best Athlete

U16B – Eden Morgan Best Athlete

U16G – Kyla Chapman Best Athlete

U16G – Elise Keeghan Personal Best Award

Knox Records broken by Boronia Athletes: