Cross Country Results and Photos 2017

A BIG congratulations to all these Bolters Athletes on a fantastic Cross Country season: Siena, Jude, Alyssa, Jasmine, Ethan, Jake, Lachlan, Kyla, Scarlett and Harley!

Season Results:

Open Day – Siena 7th – Silver Team medal, Alyssa 7th – Silver Team medal, Jasmine 15th – Bronze Team medal, Ethan 7th – Gold Team medal, Jake 7th – Gold team medal, Lachlan 8th – Gold Team medal, Kyla 6th – Gold Team medal, Harley 4th – Gold Team medal

Handicap Day – Kyla 1st

Champs Day – Siena 2nd, Alyssa 6th, Jasmine 5th, Ethan 1st, Jake 4th, Lachlan 7th, Kyla 1st, Harley 5th

Region Champs – Alyssa 11th, Jasmine 19th, Jake 13th – Bronze Team medal, Kyla 15th – Silver Team medal

State Champs – Alyssa 16th – Gold Team medal, Jasmine 49th, Jake 39th – Bronze Team medal, Kyla 29th

State Road Relays – Alyssa 3rd, Jasmine 14th, Jake 5th

Overall Knox Age Group Winners – Siena U6G, Ethan U9B

Also a big Congratulations to our Team Manager Lisa Meerten for winning the Mike Kerr Club Person award! Thank you for all the fantastic work you do during Cross Country season Lisa!

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